Welcome to my (Claire Stout) blog about my summer internship in Yellowstone National Park. I am brought here by the Student Conservation Association and given a scholarship by Americorps for my college tuition. I am interning under the head ranger at the Tower Ranger Station. This blog contains stories of my adventures and what it is like to live here in the park. There are also photos that contain me, the people I work with, and interesting things I encounter. Feel free to leave a comment and enjoy!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

The people I am working with

So there are about 13 people that I work with here, all of which are extremely nice people and fun to work with. First there is Collette, she's an LE ranger and the boss here at Tower. She's very nice and always works long hours after her shift is over for the betterment of the station. There's Ron, another LE ranger, and his wife Sarah who is a voulenteer here at tower. Sarah's good with horses and helped me pick out the riding boots that I'm going to get. There's Ranger Dooley who lives in Gardner and is also an LE ranger here. He used to be an SCA back in the day, (Like me!), and he said he's going to try to take me out in the backcountry with the horses. My roommate is Kate. She's a backcountry ranger and is trained in all sorts of stuff like fire fighting, and using all sorts of tools. John K. is a general ranger who used to work at PBS in boston. He used to work with the wolves and now he deals with all sorts of wildlife in relation to the visitors. He's very good at bear jams. Gabe is a General ranger who knows all about the backcountry office and trails. There are Brady and Amanda who are new LE rangers here and are awesome people. Paul, who is only here for another week and a half, has been an LE ranger here for a while and knows all sorts of things. Connor is the closest to my age, 18, and the only one younger than me, and he's a general ranger. John M. is an LE ranger who has a dog named Tango who is absolutely adorable, (and very well trained). He's the one who showed me how to install/replace a strut on a car. Liz is a General ranger here as well and is majoring in parks and recreations in college.
There are many more people who I've met and worked with, but these are the main ones that I'll probably be mentioning a lot.

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