Welcome to my (Claire Stout) blog about my summer internship in Yellowstone National Park. I am brought here by the Student Conservation Association and given a scholarship by Americorps for my college tuition. I am interning under the head ranger at the Tower Ranger Station. This blog contains stories of my adventures and what it is like to live here in the park. There are also photos that contain me, the people I work with, and interesting things I encounter. Feel free to leave a comment and enjoy!

Yellowstone Album 3

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pleasant Rants

One thing I've noticed recently is that my hands are always dirty. I'm not saying that it is necessarily a bad thing, it's just something I've noticed. My arms are wicked tan and I've got a watch tan line. As of two weeks ago, I had gotten acclimated to the elevation (I am about 6500 ft above sea level according to my topo map)and stopped huffing and puffing every time I tried to walk somewhere.
But I really like it out here. The work, the heat, the fact that it gets down to 35 at night and no one cares that I leave my window open.
I love the afternoon thunderstorms. You never know what you're going to get. It could be lots of thunder, lots of lightning, rain, or hail. It even smells good here.


  1. Hi Claire:

    ALL of your blogs are so interesting - I feel like I am there seeing all these animals. How
    exciting - I would like seeing that beaver!
    Alden is down here with me and Madeleine (he's
    patiently waiting for Robert to come down.)
    Take care - we will look forward to your next blogs. Miss you. Love, Auntie Bee

  2. hey claire! It's Elizabeth!
    Glad to hear about your awesome summer. :D