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Saturday, July 4, 2009

EMS Extrication

Two days ago I had my first major EMS extrication. The Tower ambulance was called to a place on the Stagecoach road where an 85 male had fallen off his horse onto his shoulder. I road the ambulance until we got to a part where the horse trail set off from the stagecoach road. Connor and I took a litter and this off road wheel that attaches to it and started rolling it up the hill. That thing was heavy. REALLY heavy. by the time we hiked a half mile up the hill with that thing, I was pretty much almost dead. Connor though, didn't seem to have any problem with it.
We found the patient lying in the middle of the trail. Since he had fallen off his horse, we obviously had to consider C-Spine (The part of the vertebrae at the back of the neck). That is one of the most important things to consider because a break can cut the spinal column which can leave the patient a quadriplegic.
Once we got the patient in the ambulance, Connor drove the ambulance into the Mammoth Clinic while Colette (who is ALS/Paramedic) and I sat in the back. I pretty much did vitals the whole way, but it was very good practice because taking vitals in the back of an ambulance is much harder than sitting in a quiet room without any bumps.
We reached Mammoth Clinic and Connor and I walked to the General store to get ice cream sandwiches, courtesy of Colette. Let me say now, strawberry ice cream sandwiches are definitely the best!
Connor headed back to Tower with the ambulance while Colette and I road in the back of the Mammoth ambulance while we were driven to Livingston hospital. We got the patient situated and headed back to Mammoth where we cleaned the truck and restored all the supplies. Ron and Amanda picked us up in their patrol car so we could get a ride back to Tower. We got back around nine thirty and everyone was eating at John M's. I got pressured into taking out my violin and playing some fiddle tunes. (Mom: When are you going to send me my fiddle books?) And with my bravery Brady got out his guitar and started jamming. And Boy! He is a GREAT guitar player! We jammed a little bit together with the occasional singing of Ben, a ranger who lives out at Northeast and has a great voice.
The whole thing was extremely fun.

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