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Saturday, July 4, 2009

My day off Part 2

I didn't say this in the previous post but HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY! Tonight most of the Tower Rangers and myself plan on going to Northeast for a 4th of July cookout dinner and see the fireworks at silvergate. I'm in charge of bringing the non-alcoholic drinks for the under age people....aka: Connor and myself, which isn't very hard since there are only two of us. They will also be for any Rangers who are in Uniform, (Rangers can't drink with their uniforms on).
So. Part two of my day off yesterday. Not as much went on in the afternoon. We stopped at a cafe in gardiner and had lunch: the Tumbleweed Cafe. I had a ham and salami sandwich with balsamic vinegrette, roasted red peppers, and provolone cheese on rosemary bread. It was DEEEEELICIOUS!
We drove to Livingston to get Tango's dog food from a store with nice people who loved Tango and gave her treats if she did tricks. We went to the town park which was set up with all sorts of booths for the rodeo that night (which we unfortunately didn't get to see. I am determined to see a rodeo while I'm here out west!) There was nothing in the booths that I needed to buy, but there were some cool homemade cutting boards, realistic carvings, and all sorts of jewlery. I managed to withold my self from buying anything.
(acctually I had left my wallet in the car)
On the way back to tower, we stopped in back at the tumbleweed cafe for free internet (from 1700 to 2100 which is why we didn't get it before) and both downloaded Windows Vista Service pack 2. Which took way too long...>.<
When we got back to tower, we watched a movie called running scared. It was kind of graphic, but it was a good movie.

Oh and I have new Riding/Cowboy boots. They are Ariat Ledgends, REALLLY comfortable, and really really really cool looking. I'll post a picture of them on my next album post as well. Thanks for the new boots, Dad!

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  1. Dad says have you used the boots for riding yet? He wants to make sure you get our money's worth from such an "extravagant expenditure". He says he tried to reach you, but there was no answer. He sent fiddle books and another phone card. he wants you to call the cape house if you can today. He's is really annoying, telling me to type all this stuff on my computer in my room disturbing my privacy.